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Najgledaniji filmovi

Cloverfield (2008) (PG-13)

A group of friends is throwing a going away party in Manhattan when suddenly there is an earthquake, lights go out, and nearby explosions are heard.

Cold Fish (2010) (NR)

Shamoto's teenage daughter has just been caught shoplifting and a friendly businessman Murata offers to help. But Murata is hiding a dark and bloody secret that will change the life of Shamoto’s family forever.


Cold Prey (2006) (NR) This survival horror follows a group of friends on a snowboarding vacation that seek shelter at a remote and abandoned ski lodge after one of them has an accident and breaks his leg. They learn that the lodge was closed after the son of the owner disappeared.


Constantine (2005) (R)   Constantine (Keanu Reeves) has the gift of sight. He can see angels and demons on earth. He couldn’t handle this gift and killed himself but God had other plans for him and to atoned for his sin, he now must hunt demons and send them back to hell. But while pursuing demons he realizes something sinister is going on and his hunt may lead him face to face with Lucifer.


Copycat (1995) (R) Agoaphobic Dr. Helen Hudson and detective M.J. Monahan must join together to catch an evasive serial killer who copies other famous serial killer. But this won't be easy, the killer will use Dr. Helen condition to leave his mark in history.


Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) (NR) This classic horror follows a scientific expedition searching for fossils along the dark Amazon River when they discovers a prehistoric amphibian creature. The explorers tranquilize and capture the strange creature but it manages to escape taking with him a young woman. Now the crew must sprints into action to save the girl before any harm comes to her.

Creepshow (1982) (R) From the masters of terror George Romero and Stephen King comes these scary stories of an insane ghoul returning from the dead, a strange alien form that transforms all into plants, a story of jealousy and bizarre revenge, a strange monster living on campus, and an executive that gets what he disserves in a very strange way.

Cronos (1993) (R)   Antique dealer Jesus’ (Federico Luppi) shop has been ransacked, it seems, the intruders were looking for something special. By chance, Jesus finds an ancient artifact in the shape of a scarab hidden inside a statue. When he held the object, it imbedded a painful stinger in his hand.

Cropsey (2009) (NR) Based on a true events. Joshua and Barbara grow up hearing about Corpsey, an escaped mental patient who killed children. But soon the legend became a reality and five children go missing. Feeling pressure from the community, the police names a suspect. Joshua and Barbara decide to do their own investigation and film this documentary.


Cube (1997) (R)   This survival horror film is about six strangers with varying personality types, that awake to find themselves in a cube that’s part of an endless maze full of deadly traps.


Cujo (1983) (R) Joe Camper has a good St. Bernard dog named Cujo that hasn't been vaccinated against rabies. But after an encounter with a bat, poor Cujo is not the same anymore. Nobody seems to notice Cujo is changing, he’s angrier more vicious. Until one day, Cujo snaps and becomes a deranged monster going after anyone that gets close to him. Now Cujo has trapped a mon and small son in a car, while he waits patiently outside ready to kill the moment they get out.


Cure (1997) (NR) This Japanese horror begins with bodies piling up in Tokyo. The only lead to the murderer is a carving on the shape of an X in the victims’ necks. The murderer is usually found next to the victims’ bodies but without any recollection of the murder or any motive. Evidence begins to point to a young man suffering from amnesia.

Cursed (2005) (PG-13)   One full moon night, Ellie (Christina Ricci) and her brother Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) are attacked by a strange creature while trying to help a car accident victim. Now Elli and Jimmy are changing. Their physical strength and senses are increasing. Soon, they realize they are the latest victims of the werewolf curse and must kill the creature that attacked them before they themselves become werewolves.


Dagon (2001) (R) From H.P. Lovecraft. Nightmarish premonitions come true when a couple has a boating accident and washes ashore an old Spanish and remote town where the inhabitants are not completely human and their god demands human sacrifice.

Damien: The Omen II (1978) (R) Seven years have passed since Damien Thorn's father tried to kill him because he was certain Damien (Jonathan Scott-Taylor) was the antichrist. Damien has grown into an angry teenager and now lives with his aunt (Lee Grant) and uncle (William Holden) and his cousin. Strange things happen when Damien is angry and he's beginning to give in to his inherent anger and learn about his unholy heritage by one of Satan's disciples


Dance of the Dead (2008) (R) On prom night something sinister is happening. In the midst of prom preparations and all the excitement it seems the dead have risen from their graves with a hunger for fresh human flesh. Now it is up to the nerds and all outcasts, that didn’t get dates to the prom, to stand up and kick some zombie butt.

Dark and Stormy Night (2009) (NR) In this horror comedy set in the 1930s, the relatives of Sinas Cavinder has been summoned to his dark and eerie mansion for the reading of the will. But amongst the group of eccentrics there is a greedy psychopath that wants the inheritance all for himself and starts killing the people one by one.


Dark Shadows (2012) (PG-13) A horror comedy about Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), a young wealthy man who is cursed by a scorn woman to wander the earth forever.


Dark Water (2005) (PG-13) Dahlia (Jennifer Connelly) recently separated from her estranged husband and is starting a new life with her daughter Ceci. She has a new job and a new apartment. But there is something strange happening in the rundown apartment.

Darkness (2002) (PG-13)   Regina (Anna Paquin) her parents and little brother have just moved into a creepy and dark remote country house. But there is some ancient and sinister thing still lingering in the house hidden for forty years, waiting...


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